Prison Cookbook

6 Feb

Six women prisoners from Texas wrote a cookbook. “From The Big House to Your House” is a collection of 200 recipes.
They are serving a minimum of 50 years at The Mountain View Unit of the Texas Department Of Criminal Justice. They are all, except for one, serving for murder.
The mother of one of the authors helped by typing the recipes and submitting the manuscript to The Justice Institute. It can now be purchased online. They are donating the proceeds to their publish since they themselves can’t make any money.

One interesting fact is that they use empty potato chip bags for cooking in an electric warming pot, which is the only way for them to heat for cooking.
An ID card can be used as a cutting or chopping tool.

Metal plates can be turned into skillets and then heated in toilets with burning toilet paper.
Toothpaste tubes can be made into spoons
And of course fruit into wine.

They can’t have anything that boils water because that could be used as a weapon, but they get a warming pot for warming.
They can take potato chips and rehydrate them in the warming pot to make themselves a “baked potato.”

They can only obtain ingredients that can be purchased from the prison commissary.
They can only get powdered milk. None of the real stuff.
Apparently you can use garlic from garlic vitamin tablets.

This might be a pretty interesting cookbook to read.
If I had extra money I would be interested in grabbing a copy.


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